What is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is a service available on most digital mobile phones (and other mobile devices, e.g. a Pocket PC, or occasionally even desktop computers) that permits the sending of short messages (also known as text messages, or more colloquially SMSes, texts or even txts) between mobile phones, other handheld devices and even landline telephones. Other uses of text messaging can be for ordering ringtones, wallpapers and entering competitions. There are also many services available on the Internet that allow users to send text messages for free.

PhpSmsScript Demo

Below is a fully working version of PhpSmsScript. The only limitation in the demo version is the maximum SMS messages you can send at one time is 3. This will show the multiple SMS capability, but to prevent SMS spamming of individuals. This limitation will not be in the license version you will receive after purchasing the script. If you have any questions, suggestions, or pre-sale questions, fill out the form on the Contact page and you will receive a timely response to your inquiry.

Below is a demo of the script - be sure to fill out all fields before sending a message.